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New Work at The Left Bank Gallery

November 28, 2009

A new grouping of Dwelling Sculptures (including the Peace Dwellings seen above) are not on view at the Left Bank Gallery located at 25 Commercial Street in Wellfleet, MA.

Established in 1971, Left Bank Gallery at 25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet, is spacious, unconfined, and tactile. A continuously rotating collection of paintings - from lyrical abstract to “plein air” realism, all with the power of engaging the viewer - are punctuated by lofty, gestural mobiles.

Acting on the idea that art should be part of our living environments, owner Audrey Sherwin Parent pairs canvases and sculptures with functional ware for the home. Individual spaces are designed with handcrafted lighting, vessels and furniture.

Along with the dwelling series, The Left Bank Gallery will also have on view the Lunar Abstract series. A series of porcelain and oil wall sculptures. For more information on The Left Bank Gallery click here.

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