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New Work - Kaivalya Winged Bird Series

July 3, 2014

Kaivalya Bird Series - 2014

Kaivalya Bird Series - 2014

The mixed media Kaivalya Winged Bird Series incorporates my love of painting, sculpture and fire. The surface, colors and textures have an antique quality that makes them feel that they are from another time yet very contemporary. The body of the bird is hand sculpted out of porcelain. The wings are sculpted in clay separately in order to make a plaster mold. Then, paper pulp is cast into that mold to create the wings. I ventured into a new medium to cast the wings which was a great adventure. Special thanks to Daniel Kelm of Cottage Street Studios in Easthampton, MA for his tutoring and generosity.

The saggar firing process is integral to the final outcome, inviting the element of chance. The slow firing allows the combustibles and fire to leave behind random marks as well as parts of images upon the porcelain creating an atmospheric surface through which text emerges referencing memories and philosophy. Birds are free to roam the earth, sea and the sky. Many believe that they symbolize eternal life or the soul, the link between heaven and earth. The crane represents fidelity and longevity. Wings help us rise above challenges, prompting us to fly into the realms of spirituality.

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